NYC Food Protection Courses

eLearning courses intended to help all staff of restaurants, deli, or food service companies to learn about food protection procedures and prepare for unannounced visits by inspector.

  • Created based on the New York City Food Protection Training Manual. The entire course was reviewed by a NY State food hygiene training course instructor.
  • Extensive use of photos and illustrations make it easy to grasp at once and understand the contents.
  • Explanation in simple English designed for employees with English as second language.
  • Inspector’s unannounced inspection case stories

The objectives of the course:

  • Every staff member learns about the cause of food poisoning, and will be able to avoid the situations causing food poisoning
  • Every kitchen staff member is equipped to answer correctly, any questions arising during an unannounced inspection
  • Acquire and maintain the Grade A Certification
OVERVIEW (English)

Version: English or Japanese
Audience: Employees and managers at all food service establishments
Average Completion Time: 4 hours
Format: Online Self-Paced Training
Access: Online Access for 90 Days
License: Single User

$29.99 for 90 days for all 14 courses

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